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Welcome to eMSPathLight

The PathLight to Saving Lives

At eMSPathLight, we’re passionate about shortening EMS 911 actual on-scene contact times.  Our commitment to reducing fire, police, and ambulance response times remains the key driving force behind our eMSPathLight technology solution. Our team of experts and professionals are here to ensure you and your family receive the quickest, shortest response time when activating EMS - get in touch today to learn more.


Our Story

We’re a talented group of entrepreneurs and engineers with a

groundbreaking idea that we hope will contribute towards a better

tomorrow for everyone around the world.


Our Innovative Technology

At eMSPathLight, our community technology solution helps EMS deliver services faster by reducing response time.  Our solution has a wide range of applications that were created with an aim to help deliver a difference.  eMSPathLight is continually building toward launching its technology worldwide, so stay in connected to learn about how eMSPathLight may touch you and/or your loved one's lives!

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"Imagination is more
importantthan knowledge.
Knowledge is limited.
Imagination encircles the

 Albert Einstein


1464 Madera Rd. Ste-360

Simi Valley, CA 93065

(805) 236-0034

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